How could Enerflex help to cure Psoriasis?

By a mixture of 3 Enerflex products, the ingredients would help the body by :

  1. Control the gene from changing due to autoimmune disease which causes the skin to grow at the faster rate.
  2. Locking the auto immune system so that it will not attack own cell anymore and thus, no more inflammatory to the skin.
  3. Prevent the gut from leaking bacteria that activate the auto-immune.

In medical term, it is postulated that the Anti-Psoriasis Effect by Enerflex may work via the following mechanisms:

  1. Help reset or control the gene expression on auto-immune system and skin keratinocyte hyperproliferation.
  2. Modulating the onset of pro-inflammatory process by inhibiting NF-kβ (main switch) signalling thus reducing inflammatory enzymes and cytokines as well as inhibition of cytokine receptors.
  3. Restoration of leaky gut to modulate autoimmune disorder.

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