How to Detox Our Body While Strengthening Our Immune System?

It is very common nowadays for people to suffer serious health problems, even for young people. Autoimmune conditions and cancers are 2 of the most common illness that we see.

We could prevent those sickness by strengthening our immune system.

There are several ways to cleanse our whole body and build a stronger immune system.

Eating healthily would equip our body with necessary nutritions. We shall avoid processed foods, sugars as well as oily food. Avoid the consumption of caffeine drinks and alcohol too. Eat more healthy fats like coconut, avocado and olive oil, fish, nuts, seeds and probiotics. Eat more alkaline foods too.


Cleanse the liver

Drinking a lot of juices, for example, carrot, apple and lemon is a great way of cleaning our liver. Garlic and castor oil are great for natural detox of the liver. Tea is helpful too.


Cleanse the kidney

Cranberry cleanse kidney

The best way to remove toxins from the kidney is by the help of ginger, horsetail, vegetable glycerine and vitamin B6. Apple cider vinegar, cranberry juice and warm lemon water could help too.


Detoxing Colon

Gooseberry helps detoxing colon

Remove all waste deposits from the colon by drinking coffee enemas, Indian gooseberry and triphala. Eat more vegetables in our diet and drink water without fluoride.


Removing heavy metals

Cilantro is one of the ingredients to remove heavy metals

Heavy metals could be removed by the intake of Cilantro, zeolite clay, cabbage, garlic, Brussels sprouts, and foods which are rich in sulfur.


Remove parasites

This can be done by drinking distilled water, organic coffee, cloves, garlic, coconut oil, coffee enemas, bentonite clay, and cinnamon.


How to cleanse the lymphatic system

You would need to be more physically active, i.e. exercise, take daily walks or do yoga. Massages can be of great help as well as deep breathing techniques.


How to cleanse the skin

We must be aware that most of the store-bought skin beautifying products we use on a daily basis could contain ingredients that can cause serious health problems like fibroids, endometriosis, etc. To cleanse the skin, avoid using these and similar products and go to the sauna, do hot yoga, sweat more, try dry brushing, and soak in bathwater with Epsom salt. Vitamin D can be very beneficial in preventing breast and prostate cancer.


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