6 Tips to Develop Healthy Eating Habit!

Is exercise part of your life? Do you aware of your food intake? If your answer to these questions is a No, you will need to start developing them in your daily routine. To have this mind-set is the key to change your life.


1. Plan your diet.

Healthy people plan their food intake and make sure that they provide the nutritions that they need. Besides, they will understand how much calories do the food give and they will not consume more than what they required.




2. Eat more vegetables

We need to eat half a plate of vegetables everyday. If we do not have such habit, we should establish some juice drinking habit everyday. Carrot, apple, celery and etc are healthy and they are tasty too.




3. Avoid junk food

We all know that junk food is nutritional and they are oily. It would cause obesity too. If you know that processed foods are bad, why do you put them into your body? It is ok if it is once a while but having the habit of eating junk food frequently is like digging a grave to yourself.



4. Monitor your weight

Try to scale yourself at least once a month to see if there is any sudden changes to your weight. You should know your BMI and make sure that it is always under control.



5. Take fish oil

Taking a couple of fish oil capsules each day. The omega-3 fats would reduce blood pressure, reduce inflammation and improve skin-cell health.



6. Drink more tea

Tea is full of antioxidants that help to protect the body cells from damage, especially green tea. Aim for 3 cups a day, after meals. It is best if you substitute tea for coffee if you are a daily coffee drinker.



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